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7 Tips to Boost your WeChat Official Account

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As the complete world heaved during the COVID-19 pandemic, China became no exception: Its #1 social platform—WeChat—endured to develop and join brands with +1 billion monthly active users. Before we get started, a short note about WeChat official accounts:

• A WeChat official account is largely an enterprise or company account that acts as your brand hub, bringing collectively your followers, blogs, videos, ads, mini programs, circles, and more, in a single platform.

• It takes approximately a couple of weeks to install a WeChat official account if the whole thing is going easily with the WeChat verification process. You will want a business license (either Chinese or foreign) together with different supporting documents.

In this article, find out 7 recommendations to precisely manage your WeChat official account—the best channel for brands to attain their audiences in China’s new normal.

Here are top 7 tips from a WeChat marketing agency that will help boost your WeChat official account:

1. Double-check your posts before hitting publish

Unlike other social media platforms, where we can edit a post if required, WeChat is different. Once you hit publish, the message can be edited only up to a certain extent. Before you take your post live, make sure you double check the content. It is like print ads where the ads once published cannot be taken back and have already broadcasted to many people. 

There is a slight chance to relax as once the post is live, you can make edits up to 20 Chinese characters. Though it is good news, it also means that you cannot edit the header/title or change images.

2. No. of broadcasts is limited, so plan prior

You can register for a service account or a subscription account on WeChat, but both have specific monthly broadcast limit. While a WeChat service account allows you four broadcasts a month, a subscription account allows one broadcast per day. 

When planning your WeChat content strategy, ensure to have your plan ready beforehand to avoid wastage of broadcasts. We recommend getting in touch with a WeChat marketing agency for the right strategy as per your brand needs.

3. About 8 posts in one broadcast is a great idea

The best part about the broadcast limit is the number of articles you can push in one broadcast. Both service and subscription accounts let you push eight articles in one broadcast. Although there is a limit of broadcast allowed per month, you can still push 8 x 4 articles a month in case of a service account and 8 x 30 articles a month in case of a subscription account.

Make sure all the articles you push in one broadcast have a high popularity or are based on current trending topics to boost pageviews. Any article with a poor title will lower the pageview capacity.

4. A customized welcome message could create a warm setting for your new followers

Earlier, as per the rules, only those accounts registered with a Chinese business license could customise the welcome message. And those accounts holding a foreign business license would have a default “Thanks for following me” message pop up every time someone followed them.

But now, every WeChat official account can customise the welcome message. A warm message with a creative, witty line could set the right mood for your new followers.

5. Quick replies to inquiries lead to increase in trust

The best way to ensure trust is not lost and is in fact gained due to mouth-to-ear publicity is by having a quick customer care support. WeChat’s chat feature lets your followers send messages to you in form of queries. You must have an active customer care team that provides replies to the followers quickly.

Please note, the reply option is turned off by WeChat after 48 hours from the time of query. So, ensure you reply within that timeframe to ensure trust is remained.

6. WeChat can spot and penalise plagiarism!

WeChat is an intelligently built app. Even if you slightly alter an article from the web and post it as your own, WeChat will still identify that it is plagiarised. While you click publish button, WeChat will prompt whether you are sure of posting the article as it could find similarities in the content with an already existing piece.

If you alter an article which is already labelled as “original” on WeChat, then your post will lose pageviews as WeChat will automatically redirect your followers to the original post.

However, if you are looking to repost an original WeChat article then you can approach the brand to whitelist your account so that you will be spared from penalising.

7. Do you know? You can register maximum of two accounts under one business license?

WeChat lets one entity holding a business license create two official accounts. Whether it is a service account or a subscription account, you can create up to two accounts using one business license. And the best part is that both foreign and Chinese business license holders are eligible for this feature.

If your company is large with multiple areas of service, you can use two accounts to cater to specific audiences.

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