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Introducing the team that drives this crew. We’re a multilingual team spread across Australia, China, India, U.S. and Japan all secured by a common thread – Digital Marketing. Here’s how our team functions across different countries and brings their own unique expertise to the table coupled with cultural expertise and an entire box of perspectives.

Today we would like to take you through Anita Lee’s journey in the corporate world so far and how she has grown with Digital Crew as a unit. Anita is a Digital Strategist for the team in New York, U.S.

1. What drives you as a person?

I’m driven by passion. I don’t typically follow guidelines or rules this society created for us, because I follow my heart and do what I love.

2. What is your vision for the world if any?  

I believe that all lives are equal and by all, I mean animals should be treated with love and respect. I’m a huge animal rights fan and a humane society member.

3. What is the expertise that you bring to Digital Crew’s table as an individual?

My role here is to Identify unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges from all departments and aspects of the business. Along with meeting client objectives with a firm strategy, I am equally responsible for developing solutions to meet clients’ brand objectives based on consumer insights and data. I stay updated, spot trends and technologies that play important roles in a consumer’s life and fuse it with the team’s objectives.

4. Name some successful campaigns that you have been a part of in the past and how it has contributed to Digital Crew?

As a bi-lingual, bi-cultural marketing, sales and business development professional from China, I have led marketing operations for Canadian agriculture, aquaculture, oil & gas, higher education and building materials to China, Brazil, India, the U.S.A and Singapore. As project manager for the Nova Scotia provincial government’s World Trade Center, I’ve introduced about a hundred companies to the Chinese market and led numerous trade missions to China. When I headed the North American Chinese markets for Open Blue, a Cuna Del Mar portfolio company, I grew the Asian market sales from 0 to 30% of the company’s total revenue.  

5. Define one of your most remarkable moment of achievement with Digital Crew?

One of my most remarkable moments was cracking the US market and bringing U.S. accounts to DC

6. What is the best part about being in a multilingual team?

What I love the most about being a part of this team is learning different cultures. They are neither right nor wrong, but just different in every sense. Working with a multicultural and multilingual team brings together different perspectives in my personal life and business activities and again, there’s no right or wrong way of going about with it, it’s just very different.

7. Have you learned anything new during your tenure with Digital Crew?

I’ve learnt new ways of working with different team members and clients and learning about new industries. It is like having a new job every single day!

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