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With close to 75% Chinese search engine market, Baidu is the No.1 Chinese Search Engine in China.

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Baidu PPC Agency in Mumbai

Baidu PPC Agency in Mumbai

Baidu PPC is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your growth in China. We set up and manage Baidu campaigns for startups and multinationals alike.

Our Baidu PPC management services is extensive. We help you apply for a Baidu PPC account, setup the campaign, top up the account and manage it. We refine your campaign every month to continually improve your return on spend. We take a data driven approach to everything we do, and Baidu PPC is no exception. We utilise industry leading data analysis tools to provide in-depth insights and discover new opportunities for you to attract customers.

As a Baidu PPC Agency we pride ourselves on quality campaign management. Unlike many agencies, we provide you with 100% transparency and involvement in your campaign. That means:
• You know the real cost of every click
• You own the advertising accounts and all of the data within them
• We work on flat fee management and Manager
• We provide you a Bi-lingual Account and do all the work in-house in 3 locations – Mumbai, Guangzhou and Shanghai
• We provide monthly reporting to you in English and Chinese


Q: Why can't we open an account directly with Baidu?
A: Baidu is different to Google and generally prefers businesses to engage with Agency partners like us to help international brands into opening and managing their PPC accounts.

Q: How long does it take to open a Baidu PPC account?
A: Baidu PPC is different to Google which is a self-serve platform. To open a Baidu PPC account as a foreign company you will need to provide your company registration details, bank account details, id of the person, etc. The whole process is in Chinese and generally take 2 to 4 weeks to get completed, more if you are a financial services company. Also, you cannot launch the campaign unless your Chinese website is ready, all keywords and ads are approved by the Baidu.

Q: Is Baidu Prepaid?
A: Unlike Google Baidu PPC is prepaid and the money needs to be deposited during application stage. There is no option of post-payment and credit card. We generally ask clients to pay us in USD and then using our Chinese company we transfer the money to Baidu in RMB. The minimum deposit to start is $2,000 USD and we suggest (depending on industry) as a bare minimum to spend between $2,000 to $5,000 USD per month on Baidu PPC budget.

Q: Do we need a website in Chinese and hosted in China?
A: Short Answer is Yes. Please do not use Google Translate for your Chinese website or dynamic urls as it will be next to impossible to get your Baidu PPC application approved. Most people in China prefer not to read in English as it’s not their first language so we always suggest having a Chinese website or landing page created. If you don’t have one, we will help you to create a new Chinese website with Chinese design elements. Content Localisation is the key and we will work you to create the best engaging Chinese content.

Q: Do I need to host my site in China?
A: Digital Crew is an Ali Cloud partner and we will work with you to suggest the best solution and work with you to get your website the best speed from Chinese audience. There are ideally 3 options:
1. Host in Mainland China with ICP license (additional cost for ICP license and will need our Chinese entity)
2. Host in Hong Kong, China
3. Use CDN on existing website (depends on where the site is hosted)

Baidu PPC Services

  • Baidu PPC Account Set Up
  • Baidu Search Ads
  • Baidu Display Ads
  • Baidu PPC Keywords Selection
  • Baidu PPC Ad Copy Creation
  • Baidu PPC Monthly Reports in English and Chinese
  • Baidu PPC Certified Expert
  • Bi-lingual Account Manager

We help Indian and Middle Eastern brands grow and succeed in China.

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