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Baidu is the No.1 Chinese Search Engine in China, covering 75% of the Chinese Search Engine Market

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Baidu SEO Agency in Mumbai

Baidu SEO Agency in Mumbai

If you think Baidu SEO service works just like Google SEO, you may want to retshink your China SEO strategy altogether. To succeed in the Chinese market, you truly need to have a deep understanding on how Chinese users search on Baidu.

We understand China’s unique culture, the Chinese language and China’s legal system. With years of experience in helping brands increase their organic rankings on Baidu, we are here to help you to grow your Baidu search rankings organically.

Digital Crew is a leading Baidu SEO agency in India that improves your brands’ visibility on Baidu by employing the right strategy, right content and right techniques. Based on our experience, we understand the Chinese market better. We have helped brands rank organically on premium positions, indexed in Baidu, improve keyword rankings by selecting the right set of keywords, key phrases and creating title tags, content for your web pages and deploying white hat link building techniques to gain visibility.

Baidu SEO Service

Digital Crew is a certified Baidu SEO marketing agency helps brands in strategizing and executing Baidu SEO campaigns aimed at achieving your brands Baidu Search Engine goals (Traffic, Rankings, and Sales). We refine the keyword search process for the Baidu search engine with its own rules and products namely Baike, Zhidao and Tieba. We guide your Chinese users to your website by first helping you establish your brand as an authentic, reliable and Baidu-verified one. We help you strengthen your credibility by adhering to Chinese rules and policies to fit into the keyword search arena.


Q: How long does it take to rank on Baidu Search Engine?

A: Baidu SEO is similar to Google SEO however Baidu SEO results are not just websites but also Baidu Images, Maps, Q&A, News, Forums, etc. Our SEO efforts ensure you rank across all of these Baidu platforms. To rank well on Baidu we suggest having a good Chinese website with strong content and hosting either in Mainland China or Hong Kong. We can also use CDN to improve site speed but we suggest this option only for enterprise-level websites. Ideally, if your industry category is not too competitive then we should be able to rank your website in 2 to 3 months.

Q: Do we need a website in Chinese?

A: Short Answer is Yes. Please do not use Google Translate for your Chinese website or dynamic URLs as it will be next to impossible to rank on Baidu. Most people in China prefer not to read in English as it’s not their first language so we always suggest having a Chinese website created. If you don’t have one, we will help you to create a new Chinese website with Chinese design. Content Localisation is the key and we will work with you to create the best engaging Chinese SEO content.

Q: Do I need to host my site in China?

A: Digital Crew is a Baidu SEO agency with an Ali Cloud partner and we will work with you to suggest the best solution to get your website load faster in China. There are ideally 3 options:
1. Host in Mainland China with ICP license (additional cost for ICP license and will need our Chinese entity)
2. Host in Hong Kong, China
3. Use CDN on existing website (depends on where the site is hosted)

Contact us for Baidu SEO service in India and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

Baidu SEO Services

  • Baidu SEO Audit
  • Chinese Keywords Analysis & Selection
  • Online Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Onsite Baidu Search Engine Optimisation
  • Offsite Baidu Search Engine Optimisation
  • China Seo Strategy
  • SEO Blog Content Creation & Optimisation
  • Baidu Search Console
  • Baidu Analytics Setup
  • Baidu Analytics Traffic Analysis
  • Baidu SEO Monthly Reports in English and Chinese
  • Bi-lingual Account Manager
  • Baidu Seo Agency In Mumbai
  • Baidu Seo Campaigns

We help Indian and Middle Eastern brands grow and succeed in China.

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