Over 340 million active monthly users with 91% of them accessing it via mobile

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Digital Crew is a certified full-service Weibo Agency specialising in Weibo marketing for businesses targeting the China market.

Sina Weibo, simply put “Weibo”, meaning “microblog”, is one of the prominent social media platforms in China having 550 million monthly active users as of March 2020.

Weibo, also known as “Chinese Twitter”, is a hub for trend-spotting where celebrities, bloggers and KOLs share and create new trends pertaining to products, lifestyle and services. Weibo users share information, create new content, and at the same time, discover new content on the platform. It’s a place where journalists and news channels disseminate information about the latest happenings.

Considering the dynamic environment of the platform and the large chunk of Chinese audience using it, Weibo makes for a good opportunity for brands to go for Weibo marketing such as Weibo advertising to target the audience.

Many global companies handle a Weibo Official Account to promote their brands in China, such as L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, North Face, Australian Tourism Board etc.

Weibo Marketing

Weibo marketing is a powerful tool for businesses that want to promote their upcoming products/services in the form of Weibo ads or use Weibo advertising via bloggers and KOLs.

Digital Crew is a certified Weibo Agency specialising in Weibo marketing such as helping your brand with Weibo advertising and create Weibo official account. The crew helps you hit the right Weibo marketing buttons in China by helping you curate Weibo advertising campaigns through Banner advertisements, Weibo search engine promotion, Fan Headlines and Fan Tunnels for better fan engagement, interaction and ultimately create a credible brand. The crew directs the targeting funnels towards an audience that interacts with your brand forging a long-lasting customer relationship for years to come through Weibo.

Unlike WeChat which is a closed app, Weibo is more like Twitter and with 550 million monthly active users, is one of the leading social media apps for Chinese people to create, share and discover content online as well as a promising platform to send out Weibo ads.

What is a Weibo Official Account?

A Weibo Official Account, also known as a Weibo business account/corporate account is a verified account for brands, companies, government bodies and organizations. These accounts are different from personal accounts.

Digital Crew is a certified Weibo agency that helps brands create Weibo Official Account.

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