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How to launch an Android App in China

China has a total of 854 million internet users, making it the country with the highest number of internet users in the world. However, due to Chinese Government laws, a majority of websites and apps such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc are not accessible within China. 

Likewise, Google Play Store is not available in China. So how do Android users download apps? In absence of Google Play Store, there are local equivalents like Tencent MyApp store, Oppo app store, 360 Mobile Assistant, Baidu Mobile Assistant etc., that provide the same services like the Google Play Store. 

To cater to these users, there are about 400 app stores in China, with each having a set of their unique submission processes. This makes launching an app in China quite daunting for overseas android app companies.

How to launch an Android App in China

Before developing an app for the Chinese market, there are certain things you must consider. Take a look below:

1. Choosing a Chinese name

Do you know, Mercedes-Benz in China is called as ‘奔驰’, meaning ‘dashing speed’? And LinkedIn is ‘领英’ meaning ‘best talent’?  

When you’re naming your app to launch in the Chinese market, you must know that the Chinese will not search for any app in English. You must consider giving your app a Chinese name that the masses can connect to.

2. Choosing the colours

The meaning of colours for every culture is different. What the colour red indicates for the rest of the world (danger, stop etc.) doesn’t resonate similarly in China. For the Chinese, red means love and happiness. Before picking a colour for your brand, keep the colour philosophy in mind. 

3. Launching an app in China? Add the QR Code

You’ll find a QR Code at almost every place in China, from shopping to ordering a taxi and from doing laundry to ordering takeaways. 

4. Integrating social media into your app? Go for WeChat, Weibo

Adding a social element for link sharing, chatting, logging in is a brilliant way to make your app user-friendly. China has its own social media. The Chinese variant for WhatsApp is WeChat, for Twitter, it’s Weibo, and for YouTube, it’s Youku Tudou.

5. Chinese love details and additional information

Unlike the apps developed in western countries, Chinese apps are not minimalistic. There’s a lot of information, a lot of text on one page, and Chinese probably like it that way. So ensure your design entails a lot of details. 

6. Pricing your app

Number 8 in China sounds similar to ‘making a fortune’, which is why people tend to use the number quite often. Do you know? The Apple app store in China has prices ending with an 8 and not 9. 

7. Lastly, make the UI interactive and fun

Chinese apps are interactive with mascots, bright colours, animated characters, and personalisation. The Chinese love rewards and discounts. So when launching an app in China, make it more interactive.

Launching an app in China? 

Digital Crew helps to audit the app before launching in China and suggests changes to make it a success in the local market. App categories such as education and learning do better in the Chinese Market, for instance, an app teaching Yoga or English.

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